RRF sponsorship offers you the opportunity to stay with a child for a number of years, through the school year in which the child reaches the age of 21. While we hope that you will be able to continue in your support of your sponsored child until he or she completes studies, we recognize that circumstances sometimes change at the sponsor’s end. In any case, you may discontinue your sponsorship at any time.

Please understand that a sponsored child's circumstances may change, too. For example, sometimes families move beyond the reach of RRF's program and children then have to leave RRF sponsorship.
We will inform you as quickly as possible if any such circumstance affects the child you sponsor, and we'll offer you the opportunity to support another child in need of your help.

Yes. RRF encourages sponsors to give additional monetary gifts to their sponsored children for special occasions, to address specific needs or simply as an act of love. These gifts are another effective way for you to reinforce your care and commitment to your child. One hundred percent of all individual child gift amounts go to that child. Alternately, you could gift things directly if you happen to visit the city where the child is. Local project volunteers purchase gifts on behalf of our sponsors and make certain that these funds are used appropriately. As a guideline, we ask that sponsors keep these contributions between $10 and $25 for each child and limit their gift giving to twice a year.

It costs $20 a month to sponsor a child through RRF. It's a pretty small commitment when you think about the incredible difference you can make in a child's life.

  • Once you've become a sponsor, we will provide you with the address of the RRF office wherein you can write to the child.
  • For those of you supporting a orphan child, we will provide you with a US phone number that you can dial to reach out to your child over VOIP in whichever country the child is in, at specific times suggested by us, in view of the time differences.
  • We encourage you to send your sponsored child a personal or family photograph and a short letter of introduction. RRF's field staff will deliver it to the child you support and sometimes translate it for the child in case it was required. Sponsored children typically keep their sponsors' photos and letters in their homes as treasured possessions.
  • You may write to the child you sponsor as often as you like. When you write, your sponsored child will benefit from knowing that someone in addition to his or her family really cares. Your words of encouragement will make a big difference to your child.

Sponsor a child program involves having you to personally invest in the life of a child in need. As a sponsor, you enable your sponsored child to participate in an education-centered program that offers:

  • Education,
  • Health care,
  • Clothing,
  • Social skills development,
  • Meals,
  • Shelter for orphan children etc.

And more than this, you can help your sponsored child develop a sense of confidence and self-worth with the love you express through your letters and best wishes.

As a sponsor, you are assured that there is a real connection between you and the specific child you support. The child you sponsor will know your name, write to you and benefit directly from your monthly sponsorship.

The child you sponsor will receive opportunities and services that most of the world's poorest children will simply never see. These opportunities and services include the following:

  • The opportunity to receive an education: This means providing the cost of school fees, clothing and supplies. Your sponsorship will allow one special child to stay in school longer if formal schooling is an option and get the most out of his or her education. In Bombay, all our kids are sent to private English medium schools without anybody realizing whether they come from a rich or a poor family as they are given the same clothes, uniforms and supplies as children from well to do families.
  • The opportunity to be healthy: The health of the child you sponsor will be monitored and care will be provided as needed. Children are taught about hygiene and how to maintain personal health. In addition, and according to their needs, the children receive meals during their hours of education – typically breakfast and lunch. In case of orphan children, they live in homes built specially by RRF for them and thus receive all meals in the day, like any other child from a well to do family, would have.
  • The opportunity to develop self-confidence and social skills: Field volunteers, teachers and housekeepers will offer the child you support love, guidance, personal attention, guided recreation and safety
  • The opportunity to have a home: In case you are sponsoring an orphan child, then the child you sponsor will be living in the home built by RRF for the orphan kids.
  • The opportunity to cover oneself with proper clothes: All our children are given two sets of school uniforms for summer and winter months both and informal clothes including shoes, socks, belts etc.
  • The opportunity to be just a child: Most important, RRF strives to provide childhood back to the child by providing games, fun activities, picnics, fancy dress in annual function etc. to the child.

In addition to letters from your sponsored child, RRF will send you periodic updates about your child's progress, a quarterly publication “Lifeline” about RRF's work worldwide and email information about RRF’s charity activities. You will also get a password and login to a system that has some information about your child.

If you need to discontinue your support, we will immediately look for a new sponsor for your child and continue the child's support without interruption.

Your child will write to you at least two times a year. A teacher or staff person will help children who have yet to learn how to read and write. Letter writing is developmental for children as it improves their basic literacy, self-awareness and ability to put thoughts and feelings into words.

As you share your own family and personal concerns with the child you support, you'll probably discover that he or she is consistently praying for you. As your exchange of letters with the child you sponsor grows over the years, you can build a scrapbook of letters and photos from your child. Your scrapbook will serve as a constant reminder of the relationship you've developed with the child you're helping and of how you've contributed to his or her growth.

If you choose to sponsor a child, the cost is only $20 per month.

Yes. The child you're helping has just one sponsor: you. That's why your prayers, letters and support mean so much to your sponsored child. No other group or individual will also sponsor the child you help.

Yes, you can email us at @rainafoundation.com and ask us about the child’s background by email or by simply sending us your phone number and a time to contact you. Our volunteers will email you or call you back to give you the background of a child before sponsoring.

The foundation does not pay any money to the child's family. We pay the education fees of the child directly to the school, buy books directly from the school, buy stationary directly from the school, buy two pair of uniforms directly, buy shoes, socks, belts, thermos, lunch box, pencils etc. directly, buy informal clothes directly, pay for medical exams twice a year, pay for picnics directly, buy and give them festival clothes directly, buy and give them annual function, dance clothes directly, provide meals directly etc. The foundation believes that education is key to the future of every child and thus everything centers on that. We do not offer any money to the family as it could be otherwise wasted by the father on alcohol or could be used for something that the family deems important, while our goal of providing a bright future to the child would be compromised in that case.
Every penny is spent on the child. In fact, the foundation today funds almost 1000 children's education and majority of that funding comes from the volunteers itself. As a pledge of voluntary work, we ask every volunteer to sponsor 4 kids and every volunteer has done that.

To maintain simplicity, we have kept the rates the same though they tend to be higher for kids above the age of fifteen, especially those going to medical or engineering school. We try to pay the remaining from the foundation's coffers. In case of orphan kids, the costs are higher since the costs of electricity, housekeepers, computers, meals, phones etc. are quite a bit more. An example in case is that in recent times we have been building a home for orphan girl children in Malad, Bombay and have spent close to Rs. 20 lacs in the last 12 months on that project.

  • You can sponsor a child online by clicking on the Sponsor a child link above.


  • In case you have more questions, you can email us at @rainafoundation.com and ask us about those questions by email or by simply sending us your phone number and a time to contact you. Our volunteers will email you or call you back to give you answers to your questions and help you sponsor a child on the phone. You need to get on the phone with one of our volunteers for at the most 10 minutes. The volunteer will help you select a child, as desired by you.
  • You can pay on a credit card and choose to pay monthly, quarterly, six monthly or yearly. You can also pay by check though we prefer credit cards as it is faster and more reliable for all. In case you want to pay by check, make the check in favor of “Robin Raina Foundation” and put the name of the child sponsored and send the letter to:
    Sponsor A Child Program,
    Robin Raina Foundation,
    2075 Lake Shore Landing,
    Alpharetta, GA 30005

Yes. All contributions to RRF are tax-deductible in the United States.

RRF has consistently ensured that 100 percent of donations from Sponsor A Child Program is used for sponsor a child program activity only. Volunteers fund all administrative costs if any in the United States itself.